Sir, Your feature "Toddler Traumas", by Pat Rees (October 15th), offers some excellent advice on strategies for educating, nurturing and cajoling preschoolers, with topics ranging from tantrums to parental guilt. However, it's not always possible to "take time for yourself", and other pressures and worries get in the way of our resolve not to over react to a toddler's negative behaviour.

It is universally acknowledged that the difficult job of parenting demands the interplay of multi skills, and that it's a necessary job for the survival and economic growth of future generations. Yet where are the "inservice training", paid annual holidays, annual salary review? Even an odd "colleague bonding away weekend" would be greatly appreciated by housebond parents.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for these perks/rights of Le Business Man/Woman, Parentline is available to help and support all parents with a telephone help line, parent support groups, and personal appointment service, tel 01-873 3500. - Yours, etc.,



(Organisations for Parents

Under Stress),

Carmichael House,

North Brunswick Street,

Dublin 7.