Praise for Leaving Cert students


A chara, – Congratulations to all Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert Applied and Leaving Cert Vocational Programme students and their families.

There will be a lot a criticism about rote learning for all the Leaving Cert programmes. Today’s Leaving Cert students are not all rote learners.

Throughout their two years of study, they have delivered research projects in art, history, geography, music, home economics, technology, agricultural science, and more.

They have had practical exams in engineering, art, music, construction studies, information technology and more. They have also completed oral examinations in Irish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. Leaving Cert Applied students have completed personal reflection tasks, orals and many task-work projects.

The learners we celebrate today have acquired skills in learning that they can transfer to all areas of their life. I wish them well in the future. – Is mise,


Waterford City.