Places of worship


Sir, – I refer to Breda O’Brien’s interesting opinion article of August 12th, “Catholic Church faces challenges as places of worship reopen”. It may interest The Irish Times to know that the Roman Catholic Church is not the only religious group facing challenges in reopening places of worship. Since March 12th, my local Church of Ireland parish has contended with getting services online at very short notice, followed by the challenges of getting our churches reopened in a safe manner. Like our Roman Catholic brethren, administering the Eucharist has proven to be very difficult if not impossible. As for non-Christian religions, the recent Eid al-Adha celebration in Croke Park shows exactly how much building capacity has been compromised.

Finally, if your columnist is wondering what being a religious minority in the Republic of Ireland leads to, she only has to ask someone who does not profess the Christian faith in the Roman tradition! – Yours, etc,




Co Cork.