Sir, – With reference to “Surge in health and longevity segregated by social class” (Analysis, February 25th), we are disappointed to see that you chose to use a photograph clearly depicting the products of a small Irish craft drinks producer to illustrate it, including a quote on “notably cirrhosis caused by excess drinking”, rather than using one of the big multinational brands.

We at Eight Degrees Brewing – like small microbreweries throughout Ireland – work hard at brewing flavour into our beer, educating customers and promoting quality over quantity. The macrobreweries, on the other hand, don’t want you to taste their beer; they just want you to drink as much as possible.

Microbreweries have a limited budget for advertising, we do not sponsor music events or use advertising in sport, we often promote our products through food-pairing suggestions, and suggest sipping and savouring a beer alongside a meal. Are you worried about stepping on the toes of the big producers and this having a negative impact on your advertising income? – Yours, etc,



Eight Degrees

Brewing Company,

Unit 3,

Coolnanave Industrial Park,

Mitchelstown, Co Cork.