Martyn Turner cartoon


Sir, – I wish to object, in the strongest terms possible, to your publication of Martyn Turner’s bigoted, nasty and downright disgraceful cartoon (April 16th, 2014). Since the child abuse scandals, the church has put in place child protection guidelines that are far more stringent than in any other organisation in this country. For you to use the sins of the past as a stick to continue to beat the church of the present not only betrays your paper’s anti-Catholic bigotry but is a very cheap shot at an already demoralised clergy. Yours, etc,


Ballymun Road,

Dublin 9

Sir, – I am registering my absolute disgust and abhorrence at the cartoon which appears in your paper today . It is offensive in the extreme to every priest in the country and in my view requires an apology at editorial level. Or is there a mentality in the paper that allows open season on priests? Yours, etc,




Dublin 24