Law and ‘arrogance of the powerful’


Sir, – Diarmuid Martin’s call that “the application of principles of law must always be focused on curbing the arrogance of the powerful” (“Archbishop says law must ‘curb the arrogance of the powerful’”, October 2nd) is fundamentally at odds with every citizen’s right to the fair and impartial application of the law in their case. It would be perverse for the courts to adjudicate cases on the basis of perceived arrogance, or, whether the archbishop of Dublin likes the cut of their jib.

Perhaps the archbishop could address the arrogance of power within his own institution, which indemnified itself from the financial consequences of its abhorrent crimes and used the legal system to shield the evil perpetrators of rape and abuse among their number from being publicly named?

If the imperative to use the law is “fostering the rights of those who are on the margins of society”, will he condemn the practice of religious orders of placing billions of euros worth of assets in trusts, a legalistic approach designed to shield their assets so that they can continue to serve their own corporate self-interest? When can we expect these orders to fulfil their outstanding financial obligations owing to the State as their contribution for compensation to victims of residential institution abuse? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.