Israeli security measures


Sir, – Perhaps Irish Times readers will reconsider its assessment of the security wall and checkpoints between Israel and the West Bank in light of the terrorist attack in Har Adar, a settlement just outside Jerusalem (News, September 26th). The attack resulted in the deaths of a 20-year-old border policeman and two civilian security guards, one of them an Israeli Arab from a nearby town. The terrorist hid with Palestinians going to work in Har Adar, many of whom are reported to be devastated about the potential effect on their jobs. The shooter undoubtedly planned to kill Israeli civilians living in the settlement, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad have praised the attack.

This incident is a sad proof of the need for Israeli security measures against terror attacks which in recent times have resulted in the deaths not just of Israeli police and settlers (which it seems some might justify) but also Israeli Arabs and foreign tourists. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 16.