Hotel Prices


Sir, - Since I retired some 11 years ago, both my wife and I loved to have occasional unplanned holidays in Ireland. We would wake up some morning and decide to point the car in some direction for a break of five to seven days. This we did at least three times a year. As much of my life was spent travelling abroad, we had no desire to leave this beautiful island.

We increasingly find that holidaying in Ireland has become too expensive. We do not mind paying for what we get, but we do expect to get value for what we pay.

For no apparent reason, every year sees an increase in hotel charges. It seems that prices must rise annually even though no increase has come in the cost of living or in the operation of the hotels. Where prices used to be so much for, say, five D/B/B it has become five B/B and four dinners. The latest ramp is five B/B and evening meals. An evening meal may be anything, but is not a dinner.

Sadly, we feel we must in future take our holidays where prices offer value for money. - Your, etc., Dermot C. Clarke,

Wilson Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.