Galway trams


Sir, – The next time your newspaper runs an article on building a light-rail system in Galway (“A Gluas for Galway?”, News, January 8th) be sure to illustrate the story with a picture of the trams being pulled by unicorns, for extra realism.

It makes no sense at all to build an urban rail system in a small, low-density city like Galway.

Rather than campaigning for expensive and impractical solutions, I wish our local politicians would put more energy into delivering schemes that would achieve incremental improvements immediately. Extending bus-lanes and park-and ride-schemes, creating cycle lanes that do not endanger their users and the removal of the remaining roundabouts that surround the city would all deliver immediate and affordable improvements to commuters.

Unfortunately, the one thing in Galway that moves even slower than the traffic is political will. – Yours, etc,