Foreign Students


Sir, - I refer to the points raised by P Quinn (July 27th) regarding foreign students of English. His perception is, I believe, coloured by a belief that our own race is beyond reproach in matters of etiquette and cultural sensitivity. These students are, for the most part, just children. They chatter loudly because they are supremely confident that we do not understand their language and they are in high spirits. We should be thankful that they enjoy our country.

Moreover, politeness is not left behind in their native land. If Mr Quinn bothered to investigate further he would find a group of people who never feel the need to pepper their everyday language with vulgar expletives. We Irish have a lot to learn from these visitors. I have sympathy for Mr Quinn, he worries over the handicapped, the infirm, mothers with babies. If there is no room for them on public transport, then can we legitimately blame tourists who pay their fare? Mr Quinn could, of course, do as I do - grin and bear it - and offer up his own seat. - Yours, etc, John Dandy,

Rush, Co Dublin.