Electronic voting


Sir, – Congratulations to Kathy Sheridan for her reminder of one of the madnesses of the Celtic Tiger era: the e-voting fiasco (Opinion and Analysis, February 14).

Then we were lucky that we had enough of what Kathy Sheridan calls “firepower” in media, academia and politics to prevent the scrapping of “our fabulously antiquated voting system” and the introduction of an e-voting system in which there was no facility to verify if the votes counted were the votes cast.

Otherwise we would now be in the same boat as the US, with experts there pointing to the “crumbling” of their digital voting apparatus.

It was a pity that the same firepower was not available at the same time to prevent the decisions which tripled government expenditure and tripled bank lending and ended up bankrupting the country.

All we can hope for is that there is enough firepower in our media, academia and politics today to prevent the return to the madness of the Celtic Tiger. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.