Counting the cost of Brexit


Sir, – Part of the solution lies in not relying on the purchase of UK goods. Let’s hear it for Lidl and Aldi! – Yours, etc,


Maynooth, Co Kildare.

A chara, – Simon O’Neill (March 22nd), while questioning the ESRI’s assessment of the possible cost of Brexit to Irish citizens, says ‘Brexit means leaving the single market . . . as was outlined in the pamphlet that was delivered to every household in the UK prior to the June 2016 referendum. A ‘soft Brexit’, as everyone knows, essentially means thwarting that referendum result”.

Ireland had no voice in the referendum, and no forecast by any group has suggested that Brexit will be anything but harmful to Ireland. Fortunately, our fellow Europeans have made it clear that they will support Ireland fully in minimising, and preferably eliminating, the negative effects of Brexit on this country. If that thwarts the referendum result, it isn’t our concern. – Is mise,


Sráid na Cathrach,

Co an Chláir.