Changes at the White House


Sir, – Joe Biden won 76.4 million votes. Donald Trump won 71.5 million votes. Yet Mr Trump tweets that he “won by a lot”. Somebody needs to tell him that it’s only in golf that the lowest score wins. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.

Sir, – Instead of perpetually seeking legal counsel over the next weeks and months, perhaps Donald Trump, like all former presidents before him, should start thinking about his presidential library.

And as there’s no doubt he’ll need assistance as to how to fill said library, can I suggest a bit of Nietzsche to begin with?

“Crude men who feel themselves insulted tend to assess the degree of insult as high as possible, and talk about the offence in greatly exaggerated language, only so they can revel to their heart’s content in the aroused feelings of hatred and revenge”. – Yours, etc,