Calling time on nuisance calls


Sir, – Like many others, I am being plagued by non-stop call-backs from people who “missed a call” from me, which of course I didn’t make.

It’s time for ComReg and the phone companies to do something about this. It must be possible for service providers to interrogate caller IDs from foreign IP addresses and establish that they are not of Irish origin as they enter the national network.

I’m sure they can be traced in some manner, or has the technology and network security completely deteriorated since the days of digital telephony when all calls had an instantly traceable start and end point?

I can find no credible information anywhere on what steps are being taken to address this highly disruptive plague of calls, other than useless and patronising advice not to answer calls from unknown numbers. A difficult position to be in when running a business.

Will something happen soon or will this continue to be a case of “wrong number”, or “no reply” for us frustrated users seeking some level of respite?

– Yours, etc,