Brexit – older and wiser?


A chara, – Paul O’Brien is the latest (Letters, March 4th) to suggest that a second Brexit referendum would be likely to produce a “Remain” vote because older voters who voted to leave the last time have died, to have been replaced by a cohort of younger voters who have reached 18 and are likely to vote to remain in the EU.

However, everybody will be older by the time a second referendum is held. So, if age is a strong indicator of voting intention, some voters will have switched from Remain to Leave, due to their three-year advance in age.

What matters, then, is the percentage of the electorate that are “older” and therefore likely to vote for Brexit.

This will have increased if a second referendum is held, as the UK has an ageing population. – Is mise,


Kilkea, Co Kildare.

A chara, – If there is to be a “people’s vote”, why not re-run that and make it the best of three? – Is mise,