Brexit – now and then


Sir, – What a difference a few years make (Fintan O’Toole “British will soon pick at the scab that will form over Brexit”, Opinion & Analysis, December 29th). Anyone with a functioning memory will recall your columnist’s frequent excoriation of the EU during the Greek crisis a few years ago (or for that matter during our financial crisis) . Then the EU was the Wicked Godmother trampling all over the sovereign rights of put-upon countries like Greece and Ireland and demanding that their governments do as they were told.

The British democratically decided to leave the EU, motivated, at least to some degree, by the same concerns about loss of sovereignty.

Fintan O’Toole now regards the EU as the best thing since the sliced pan, and the British are idiots for daring to leave. But of course the Greeks were right because they were led by Marxists during that crisis, and Brexit was led by the Tories, so it must automatically be wrong.

Some commentators can barely conceal their disappointment at the fact that a deal has been reached on Brexit.

One can also sense their deepest fear beginning to loom – the awful realisation that the new arrangement might actually work for all concerned. Something to be heartily desired, one would think, except for those who hate to ever admit they were wrong. – Yours, etc,