An ecumenical matter for St Patrick's


Sir, – Whatever the merit (or otherwise) of the Dean of St Patrick’s plan for a development of the ecumenical role of the cathedral (Patsy McGarry, Home News, October 25th) it needs to be pointed out that this has been put forward without any consultation with the 27 other members of the chapter among whom he has the status of a first among equals.

After describing the position of the dean as the “immediate ordinary of the cathedral for the purpose of directing the clergy and official and ordering the services” the Church Constitution specifically states, “All other matters relating to the cathedral and not otherwise provided for shall be determined in chapter”.

Nor could any far-reaching change in the nature of St Patrick’s be made without legislation by the General Synod of Church of Ireland, whose Standing Committee, so far as I am aware, has not been notified of any proposed alterations to any of the statutes relating to the cathedral. – Yours, etc,

Revd Canon MICHAEL


(Prebendary of Yagoe in St

Patrick’s Cathedral),

Lisnadill Rectory,

Newtownhamilton Road,


Sir, – Our confused dean is at it again.

He has written to all presidential candidates suggesting that the cathedral be given to all Irish Christians. In itself, an interesting, though not original, idea. What it has to do with Martin McGuinness, and his fellow candidates, is beyond me.

St Patrick’s is the national cathedral of the Church of Ireland, and does not belong to the dean.

Needless to add, he consulted neither the chapter, nor the board, before writing to Dana and the others.

He regrets the reduction in regular worshippers. In the case of the cathedral, the main reason for this is the dean.

It is generally felt, both in the cathedral community, and the Church of Ireland, that the sooner he resigns, the better. – Yours, etc,


Board member,

St Patrick’s Cathedral,

Dublin 8.