A walk in the park


Sir, – A walk in the park would be a fine thing if one had a park. I live east of the Corrib in Galway city and there is no safe place to walk with my grandchildren on a surface that can take their tricycles, scooters or buggies. My grandchildren who live in Crumlin in Dublin have the choice of two beautiful parks in their area, with lovely mature trees, green parkland and paved surfaces.

Christmas morning and the little children were out and about on their Santa bikes in the safe confines of their park in Crumlin. However, here in Galway there is not even one decent park within the city limits.

One has to travel outside to the likes of Renville, Oranmore or the Promenade in Salthill. We do have a wetland which is known as the “Lungs of Galway” but this is more rustic, with gravelled surfaces which are not family friendly to little ones in buggies or bicycles. We have green spaces but they are strangled by roads, and the footpaths are not suitable as they are too small and end abruptly. – Yours, etc,