Climate crisis and transformative change

Every small step has a ripple effect

Sir, – The Thursday edition of The Irish Times contained an article telling us that summer traffic through Ireland’s airports has increased substantially (“Summer travel back on track with passenger surge”, News, June 8th), and another article containing a “timely wake-up call” that we are emitting more greenhouse gases than ever (“Global emissions at ‘all-time high’ causing unprecedented rate of global warming, scientists warn”, News, June 8th).

What better illustration that we are still failing to appreciate the links between our everyday lifestyle choices and the fact that we are handing our grandchildren a burning planet?

Admittedly, climate change is a complex issue, the scale and urgency of which can often be overwhelming and confusing. In that context, it is understandable that many people believe the problem is too big for their individual actions to matter.

Climate change requires us to make fundamental changes at all levels of society. It’s not about getting the old ways back on track, as you seem to suggest.


Rather, we are being challenged to rethink everything: our cities, our business models, our food and transport systems, and our lifestyles.

This is a huge challenge, which requires all of us to think of ourselves as potential climate heroes: people who understand that their day-to-day choices and actions matter. People who know that every small step has a ripple effect, inspiring others or increasing the pressure on those who haven’t changed yet.

People who understand that small actions – like deciding not to fly or drive, reducing waste, conserving energy, supporting ethical businesses or advocating for more effective climate action – when multiplied by millions, can lead to transformative change. – Yours, etc,


Chief Executive


Global Action Plan,

Dublin 9.