PSNI officers march in first parade alongside Garda

Taoiseach says joint participation in New York shows ‘unprecedented’ co-operation between forces


Police Service of Northern IrelandGarda Síochána


The PSNI officers, led by Supt Gerry Murray, and members of the Garda marched with Ireland’s ambassador to the US Anne Anderson and SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell.

Speaking ahead of the parade and after being photographed with the PSNI and Garda members, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, pointing to a Tricolour tie binding a sprig of shamrock on his lapel, said that it was symbolic of the PSNI and the Garda joining forces to participate in the parade.

“I know that the officers and the gardaí who are walking here today are very proud of the fact that they can get together like this as an example of how Ireland has moved in the last number of years to a point where the level of co-operation is exceptional and unprecedented,” Mr Kenny said.

Supt Murray said that he had been unaware of false internet posts in the days leading up to the parade that the invitation from the organisers to participate in the march had been rescinded.

“If there is criticism, I am unaware of it – that is democracy in action. If people wish to criticise, they will criticise. . . it is nothing that we should worry about.”

Supt Murray also said that only seven PSNI officers marched because their involvement arose so quickly. “This time next year we could have 200 officers in the St Patrick’s Day parade,” he said.

The superintendent said that marching allowed the force to build on its international relations, not only with other police in Europe but with the New York Police Department.