Toxic level of ecstasy in system of dead man


A FATHER of two who was found with packets of head shop “bath salts” on his person died with a toxic level of ecstasy in his system, Dublin Coroner’s Court has found.

Darren Lloyd (38) of Hazelwood Drive in Artane, died at Beaumont Hospital on January 24th last. He had been found earlier on the street struggling to breathe. Attempts to resuscitate him had failed. Nurses at the hospital found two packets of herbal ecstasy – one empty – in his pockets.

Mr Lloyd had been drinking with friends Ronan Butler and Stephen Harmon for a short period earlier in the day and had been in good form when they parted at 3.30pm. At about 10.30pm, Mr Butler and another friend spotted Mr Lloyd leaning against the railings at St Luke’s Church on Kilbarron Road in Artane. When approached, Mr Lloyd had mumbled something about taking “herbal ecstasy or herbal cocaine”. His lips were very blue and he could not breathe. They brought him to Beaumont and then drove to his parents’ house to alert the family.

Mr Lloyd’s father Reginald said that his son was a “hardy lad” who had never been ill and that, apart from his drinking, was happy and had a wide circle of friends.

“Darren never took drugs and often condemned them,” he said.

Both Mr Butler and Mr Harmon told the court the deceased was not a regular drug user but would occasionally smoke cannabis at a party. He had told Mr Butler he had taken ecstasy once but this could have been a joke.

Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said that a toxicology report revealed a moderate level of alcohol in Mr Lloyd’s system but a toxic level of ecstasy. The source of the ecstasy could not be established and the head shop “bath salts” had not been tested. He returned a verdict of death by misadventure.