Remember Me

Game Title: Remember Me

Publisher: Capcom

Reviewed On: Playstation 3

Available on: Playstation 3,Xbox 360

Fri, Jun 14, 2013, 14:32


If you thought today’s society with its tendency to share every little detail of life was verging on TMI and overstepping the boundaries of privacy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Remember Me is set in 2084, a time when even your memories are public fodder, traded and shared with the world for a price. Well, for most of the population anyway. You take on the role of Nilin, a former “memory hunter” who has had her memory wiped by authorities. Nilin has some useful powers – she can get inside your head and change or steal your memories. What follows is Nilin’s attempt at recovering exactly who she is, as she and the group she is part of – the Errorists – set about trying to right the wrongs of this nightmarish society. It’s built on a decent premise, but Remember Me suffers from a few flaws that take away from the experience. The linear nature of the game can often be frustrating, and combat can hover on the edge of tedious until you master combos.