Motocross Madness

Game Title: Motocross Madness

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Reviewed On: Xbox 360

Available on: Xbox 360

Fri, Apr 19, 2013, 01:00


The offline multiplayer is a dying breed. While gamers still like to huddle together and play split- screen without using the inter- net, the online gaming experience has all but eclipsed it. Motocross Madness is a pretty conventional dirtbike racer, but its split-screen mode is more than welcome as you are pitted against AI and online opponents. There are some diversions en route to the chequered flag, and you can perform stunts to accumulate power-ups; a neat risk-and-reward system. You can use your own Xbox avatar, with haircuts and features modelled on yourself, and the graphics are functional but cute. If you’re stuck on one part of a campaign you can dabble in another. Events are divided into races, “rivalries” (in which you take on the game’s developers), stunt displays and the quite dull exploration mode. “Madness” might be overselling it, but this is a functional, diverting little racer.