Game Title: Flickr

Publisher: Yahoo Inc

Reviewed On: Android

Available on: Android

Fri, May 31, 2013, 00:00


The service may have been around for a while, but Flickr has been given a bit of a reboot. The Yahoo-owned photo service has overhauled its Android app as part of a wider update, making it easier to use and a lot cleaner looking than its predecessor. It’s been influenced by the iOS app design, which for users of both systems will probably come as a welcome change. It’s easier to tap favourite photos, for example – maybe a little too easy at times, so be careful. Space has been bumped up to a terabyte for free, which means you get about 500,000 photos on to your online storage. That’s great for users who are running low on phone space but still want their images to be accessible. There are reports of some crashing issues, but a few days’ usage here didn’t present any problems major enough to affect usability. It still needs a little work to iron out some bugs, but overall it’s a good update. Less popular is Flickr’s changes to its website, if the user comments are anything to go by. Bbut that’s another story.