App of the Week


Cloudmagic**** 4 cert, Webyog Inc, iOS (also Android)

If you have a Google account and use it with any regularity, you probably need CloudMagic. It started as a useful extension for Firefox, and has recently moved to your mobile, and added Twitter to its list of supported services. The app allows you to search across your Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Apps, Google Docs, your calendar and contacts, and now brings your Twitter account into the fold. You can search all your linked accounts, which will trawl through documents, email and the like for the specified keyword, or you can search one service – your tweets, for example. Search results are returned in a neat format, split into the various services. It’s perfect for finding that Twitter update from a few weeks ago, or the obscure contact buried in Gmail. And it’s fast, which is its greatest selling point. Results are returned in seconds, which is faster than I’ve ever managed to get mail apps to work. It’s really useful if you’re accessing Gmail through the mail app on the iPhone. Adding a few more services would make this app indispensable.