Covid-19: Church of Ireland urges parishes to offer buildings as vaccination centres

St Patrick’s Cathedral agrees as few large buildings available in Liberties area

The Church of Ireland has urged parishes throughout the dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough to volunteer suitable churches and parish buildings for use as mass Covid-19 vaccination centres.

The Government plan for rolling out the vaccine, published in December, suggests that mass vaccination centres will be established once the availability of vaccines increases.

Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson has urged all parishes to examine their church and parish buildings to see if they may be of use in this phase of the vaccination plan.

“The roll out of the vaccination programme is an important next step in our country’s response to the coronavirus,” he said.


In a message to parishes, he said: “Those responsible for the programme will be looking for suitable venues to administer the vaccine. If you and your select vestry or other governance body decide that the church building or the halls are suitable and safe for this purpose please express your interest.”

St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin 8 has offered its services as a mass vaccination centre. Dean William Morton confirmed the offer was made in recent days.

“We are aware that in the surrounding areas of the Liberties and the Coombe, large buildings were in short supply and if the need is there, we would like to help,” he said.

He also acknowledged that the cathedral, currently undergoing major refurbishment of its roof, had received support from the State in recent times.

The Office of Government Procurement has developed a central database where offers of help with supplies and services in response to the pandemic on behalf of the public service, including the HSE, can be accessed. For more details click here

Patsy McGarry

Patsy McGarry

Patsy McGarry is a contributor to The Irish Times