Election 2020: Eoghan Murphy (Fine Gael)

The Dublin Bay South deputy was re-elected on the eighth count

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy (37) has emerged personally unscathed from an election that saw his party pay a heavy price for chronic problems in housing supply and homelessness. Despite being the touchstone for criticism of the Government, Murphy – benefitting from a slight hardening of the traditional Fine Gael vote in the final days of the election campaign – took the third seat in Dublin Bay South.

A brother of actor Killian Scott and playwright Colin Murphy, Eoghan Murphy attended St Michael’s College in Dublin 4 and UCD, where he studied English and philosophy, and King’s College London. He worked for a UN body in Switzerland and the Department of Foreign Affairs before winning a seat on Dublin City Council in 2009. A Dáil seat followed in 2011, a junior ministry in 2016 and a full ministry in 2017. As Minister for Housing since then, he has faced two motions of no confidence, both defeated.

Paul Cullen

Paul Cullen

Paul Cullen is Health Editor of The Irish Times