Over half of interns on JobBridge find work


JobBridge, a national internship scheme, has been successful in helping 52 per cent of those who complete their internship to find work, according to an independent review to be published today.

The review from consultants Indecon found 51.6 per cent of non-graduate interns secured employment, a similar ratio to the overall result of 52.3 per cent among all participants.

The JobBridge scheme was set up by Government in 2011 to provide six to nine month internships for people on social welfare. Interns are paid an extra €50 on top of their social welfare allowance for working.

The scheme has been criticised by some politicians and commentators, including socialist MEP Paul Murphy, who said it simply provided employers with free labour.

However, Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton yesterday said the scheme’s goal was to help people seeking employment to gain “valuable work experience and enhance their prospects of getting a job. I am delighted that an independent review of the scheme has found that this goal is being achieved”.