New traffic flow introduced in Dublin city centre


Major changes in traffic flow on Dublin's St Stephen's Green came into effect early this morning.

Following the beginning of the Luas light rail system on Wednesday Dublin City Council has to rebuild the roadway on Stephen's Green West outside the College of Surgeons.

The new arrangements, which came into operation at 5 a.m., are expected to last at least three months.

The west side of the Green will be closed to traffic. The south side of the Green, outside the Department of Foreign Affairs, will become two-way, while the traffic direction on the east side will reverse, meaning that motorists entering the Green from Leeson Street will have to turn right. They will then be allowed to proceed around St Stephen's Green and turn right down Dawson Street.

The Council says a permanent change may be needed to accommodate Luas.

"Should these changes in traffic flow around St Stephen's Green prove effective we will consider retaining them. However changes would only be made permanent after a comprehensive full public consultation," said Mr Brendan O'Brien of Dublin City Council's Roads and Traffic Department.