Mother of Princess of Wales appeals for Christmas privacy for princes and family


The mother of Diana, Princess of Wales, Mrs Frances Shand Kydd, yesterday made an emotional appeal for privacy and a peaceful Christmas. A tearful Mrs Shand Kydd told Britain's PA newsagency about her distress and sleepless nights over recent articles concerning her daughter.

Christmas, she said, was a particularly difficult time for the princess's beloved sons, Prince William (15) and Prince Harry (13) and they should be left in peace.

"I am very tired - I've been up all night," said an emotional Mrs Shand Kydd from her home on the Isle of Seil by Oban, Argyll. "I'm fed up - I just want the media to shut up - I'm hurting," she said.

Diana's distraught mother issued a hand-written and signed statement to PA News which she faxed on headed notepaper. It reads: "During the last few days many speculative articles have been printed concerning my daughter, Diana.

"Christmas is as difficult for her beloved sons, William and Harry, and all her family and close friends, as it is for all families who have recently suffered bereavement. I ask, on behalf of Diana's family, that we all may be left in peace and silence from the media."

In the last few days a number of stories concerning Diana have appeared. A front-page article in the French magazine Paris Match claimed to be Diana's final interview.

It said the princess told of her "profound" feelings for her close friend Dodi Fayed, and that Dodi spoke of marriage.

The so-called interview, which Diana's former aides doubted was authentic, also spoke disparagingly about her former husband, the Prince of Wales.

This weekend further articles claimed Diana's family was considering suing Mr Mohamed AlFayed, Dodi's wealthy father and owner of Harrods, over the death crash; that Diana's butler, Mr Paul Burrell, would receive £50,000 in her will, and that Buckingham Palace could withdraw the royal warrant and seal of approval from Harrods.

The Sunday Times, which broke the story about a possible law suit, said Diana's mother and her sister had registered as civil parties to the investigation into the accident by French police.

British television channels are carrying several tributes to Diana this month along with other yearend retrospective programmes. Last night BBC1 showed Memories of Diana, a documentary of archive film and interviews with advisers and friends of the late princess.