Kenny 'branded worse than Herod' over abortion move


Taoiseach Enda Kenny has revealed he has been “branded as being worse than Herod” by people across the country because of the Government’s move to legislate for limited abortion.

Mr Kenny said he had a duty and a responsibility to put clarity around a situation without regulations at present, during a television interview with Sean O’Rourke on the The Week In Politics Programme on RTÉ this afternoon.

“I’m receiving correspondence and messages from all over the country. I’m now being branded as being worse than Herod,” Mr Kenny said.

Herod was a tyrannical king held responsible for slaughtering infants in Matthew’s Gospel.

“I’m in not in the business of liberalising abortion. I am not in the business of providing abortion on demand,” Mr Kenny insisted.

“What I have a duty to do as the head of Government is to see that we provide legal clarity and certainty for medial personnel and that we introduce restrictions and regulations in regard to the question of suicide, which is difficult.” Mr Kenny said Ireland was in breach of the European Court of Human Rights because it had not supplied clarity in respect of the C case.

He said medical personnel had two patients: “the mother and the unborn child”.

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