Iran issues warning on UN co-operation


Iran today warned it might have to limit its co-operation with the UN nuclear watchdog after criticising its report that said Tehran's alleged research into nuclear warheads was a matter of serious concern.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in a May 26th report, also said Tehran should provide more information on its missile-related work.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tehran believed the UN body could have submitted a better report had it not been for the "continuing pressures of one or two known countries," in a reference to Tehran's Western foes.

The United States accuses Iran of seeking to develop nuclear arms. Iran denies the charge but its refusal to suspend sensitive nuclear work has prompted three rounds of UN sanctions since 2006.

"In regard to this report, we of course had more expectations from the agency," a Iranian spokesman said today, a day before the IAEA's board of governors begin a June 2nd-6th meeting in Vienna.

He added: "The trend of cooperation . . . should continue in a way that, as Dr Larijani pointed out, the parliament and the Islamic Republic of Iran would not be compelled to review the going trend of the cooperation and adopt new limitations."

He was referring to Iran's new parliament speaker Ali Larijani, who last week said the current levels of co-operation with the IAEA were in jeopardy if major powers continued to "kick around" Iran's disputed nuclear case.