Gardaí ask Shatter for payment pre-Christmas


Rank-and-file gardaí are calling on Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to make available funds that would allow payment of pre-Christmas allowances which are being delayed until the new year.

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has said the delay will take about €500 after tax from its members.

“Many of them bought their homes during the boom and are already paying huge mortgages and have seen their pay hit by the universal social charge and other cuts.”

He said Mr Shatter could take money for a number of weeks from the 2013 budget for Garda vehicles. This would mean the allowances could be paid in Christmas week with no adverse impact on the next year’s Garda budget.

“The Minister has the chance here to play Father Christmas or the Grinch, whatever clothes he puts on is up to him,” said Mr Parker.

The issue centres on an allowance for unsocial working hours over the past four-week roster period. The GRA said the payments are traditionally made 11 days after each four-week roster period, meaning the next payment should be due on December 20th.

The payment was delayed some years ago because of budget constraints and pushed into the following year. The situation was never reversed and is continuing this year.