Eurovision winner back for another tough test


THE Eurovision winner, Eimear Quinn, struck the right note in Oslo on Saturday night. It will be almost as tough tomorrow morning with a performance of a different kind second year exams for a music degree.

After leaving Dublin Airport last night, where she received a rapturous welcome, her thoughts turned to her studies rather than fame and fortune.

Surrounded by her family and friends, including her parents, Eimear said she was delighted with the win and her performance on Saturday night.

"It was a personal victory for myself, a victory for the band and for Ireland", she said.

The dizzying heights of Eurovision fame do not appear to have affected the 23 year old and she stressed that she intends to continue her study until she gets her degree. Her exams continue until June 4th.

She had packed her books and brought them to Norway but revealed they had "stayed packed". After just one hour in bed on Saturday night her intentions were to catch up on sleep and get in a few hours study tonight. "I hope I have done enough during the year to get me through."

Eimear revealed she had been nervous before the performance but was assisted by bodhran player Aimee Leonard who is trained in shiatsu massage. Just minutes before she was due to perform the two went into a quiet corner for a warm up session of shoulder massage, a song and even a bit of dancing.

The other members of the band, Conor Byrne (whistle), Ronan Kennedy (keyboards), Niall O'Callanain (bouzouki) and Corn Smyth (fiddle), surrounded Eimear, but writer and composer Brendan Grahaiti was not included it the homecoming party. Following his second Eurovision win he is taking a holiday in the north of Norway to see the midnight sun.

The Minister for Justice, Mrs Owen, welcomed the group home on behalf of the Government. Last night the Taoiseach, Mr Bruton, sent congratulations. He said that once again Ireland's musical talent had been demonstrated on the international stage.

"My heartiest congratulations to Eimear Quinn and her backing group for her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest the seventh time that Ireland has won this coveted prize. Congratulations, too, to Brendan Graham, the composer of The Voice."