CAO helpdesk: going in through Levels 6 and 7

The path to your future could be through a Level 6 or 7 course and on to Level 8 later


Guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett answer questions asked on our live blog

My daughter was offered a Level 7 in Griffith College: GC466. Is it possible to top this up to Level 8 in another college? She was also offered GA281 in GMIT, which is Level 8!

It certainly has been done before between other courses and other colleges. I suggest that you contact HEIs in question as each institution have its own policy on transfers.

My daughter has received an offer for DIT – DT324 – but wanted the Level 8 degree DT366. She got 430 points. She thinks if she does Level 7 then, with good grades, she can transfer to Level 8 after only one year at Level 7?

My understanding is that this is a Level 6 two-year course and that the transfers to the Level 8 honours degrees take place after the two-year course is complete. Course transfers are a minefield and very often are treated on an individual basis so my advice is to contact DIT admissions or the Business School in DIT and seek their views.

Should I repeat sixth year, or do a course which I am not too sure I will love and is not originally what I wanted? The thought of repeating absolutely kills me.

Are you a good repeat candidate? What subjects could you improve on? By how much? Will course content be different in many of your subjects? These are the type of questions that you have to ask yourself. The answer to these questions will help you make a more informed decision.

I would advise you to do a course that you are interested in. Maybe research this course a little bit more and visit the college. Speak with course lecturers. All this will help you finalise your decision.

Don’t forget PLCs. It can be used an an alternative route to a Level 8. PLCs have the benefit of giving you a feel as to whether you want to invest three to four more years in that particular area. You apply directly to the Post-Leaving Cert college. Entry requirements tend to be five passes in the Leaving Cert.

My daughter got 430 points. She did not get her Level 8 choice but got a Level 7 in the same discipline. The question is how many years in Level 7 will she need to do before she can move to Level 8, assuming she gets the correct grades?

It all depends on her grades. The higher the grade then the greater the chance of getting into the last year of the Level 8. A lower grade will result in entry into year three of the Level 8. You would have to speak to each college directly to get the exact requirements.

The Government cover you for five years so either way your tuition fees are covered.