Self-powering cameras, folding cargo bikes and inky dreams for multitool lovers


Sun & Cloud
With its unashamedly cubist styling, the Sun & Cloud Camera doesn’t quite fit the compact digital niche. But then you don’t need to charge it either, or at least, not conventionally. With a solar panel on top and a hand crank on the side, it’s energy self-sufficient, though there’s

a USB backup just in case. Picture-wise, it’s charmingly lo-fi with a 3MP sensor and 15 arty effects filters. However, it does crack off video and stills, and has a built-in mic. Find it at quirky Japanese site: for about €150

Cargo Joe
of a dalliance between cargo bike visionaries Xtracycle and folding bike specialists Tern, this is the Cargo Joe. Said to be the world’s first production folding cargo bike, it hauls like a wheelbarrow and folds up to fit in a car boot or save space in small flat; though perhaps not quite discreetly enough to brave a packed commuter train without clipping ankles all around you. With a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain and lightweight alloy body, the long tail (read: big carrier) Cargo Joe is all bike. RRP €767; see for details.

Cleo Skribent Messograf
This column does love a good multitool. And indeed, a good pen. So a pen that is also a calliper ruler with vernier scale capable of measuring within 0.1mm, a tyre tread gauge, regular ruler, thread scale and a retractable ballpoint, well, it makes the Messograf some form of inky dream. Entirely German-made with a chrome-plated brass body, it has a wonderful industrial heft. Pull it out on your travels and you feel like you might just sketch up a new aircraft design or rethink the Pompidou Centre. Takes Parker-style refills. £17 from
Tom Kelly