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LegoForget the lager, Denmark's greatest export turns 50 this year, and is more popular than ever.

Espadrilles€15 in M&S and the height of fashion.

Rosé winePerfect for the summer.

GigsThe next fortnight surely sets a record for amazing live music in Dublin: The National's three nights at the Olympia could be the highlight.

The Damned United filmMichael Sheen as Brian Clough, Peter McDonald as Johnny Giles, Colm Meaney as Don Revie.

Naomi's muffinsAll natural and in a Nude near you.

Dublinstreets.blogspot.comProving that art and high fashion is all around us.


Peaches GeldofBeing in trouble with Daddy can really "harm your chic".

Copying someone else's weddingGet your own "special day".

Sunburned babiesNot a good look.

Flight seating chargesFalcon / JWT charge €10 if two people want guaranteed seats together.

Ignoring continuous white linesDo drivers need constant reminding what they mean?

Trinity Ball hangoversThe tux and gown never feel quite as glamorous the morning after.

Superhero invasionIron Man alone we can handle, but he's just the first of many.

Carbon monoxide warningsScaring the nation every night.