What is the stars?


We love the Armagh Planetarium, a place of wonder more than capable of imbuing the most jaded of souls with a passion for the joys of astronomy, and a fine waste of an afternoon for adults and ankle-biters alike.

One of a mere handful of planetariums to be found on this island of space cadets, the others are in Inishowen, Co Donegal, and Schull in west Cork. The Armagh facility has been in operation for more than 40 years; a major overhaul four years ago means the facility boasts any number of choice state-of-the-art attractions. The digital theatre, for starters, offers a number of immersive 3D experiences. Doctor Who fans of all ages will love We Are Astronomers, narrated by David Tennant, while rambunctious, would-be mad scientists will appreciate the opportunity to build and launch their own rocket. Yes, seriously. Elsewhere, you’ll find illuminating interactive exhibits a go-go, a decent selection of meteorites and other intergalactic debris, a deadly shop full of choice knick-knacks (always a big plus), and ornate gardens specifically designed to give one a finer sense of the infinite scale of the cosmos. Space out. armaghplanet.com