Training plan: week five

Halfway through, we need to introduce variety and build strength

Get Running 10K - Week 5


You are now halfway through the programme. Well done: you have built a solid base, and in four more weeks you will be up to 10k. This week we keep you motivated by adding in some interesting changes to your runs.

Variety: Variety is the key to keeping your running interesting and also to making you stronger. If you do the same run, at the same pace, at the same location, the body will get used to it, and your training will stagnate. Check out this article to see my tips for adding variety to your run and avoiding boredom.

Try out fartlek running: Fartlek is the Swedish word for “speedplay”. Check out the video to learn about it but, put simply, I want you do a few faster sections in the middle of your run, and some slow recovery sections too. Decide your route as you go along, and vary everything. This way your body won’t know what is going to come next and it will be great training.

Three new exercises for strength: This week, I want to show you a few exercises you can also try out. You can include these in the middle of your fartlek run, or do them at the end. They will all help you get a bit stronger, and make your running a bit easier.

Make your long run less scary: Our long run this week is for 50 minutes: that sounds long, I know. My trick is to divide it mentally into two sets of 25 minutes. Break it down into smaller chunks and it will be much more manageable. Perhaps even five sets of 10 minutes will sound more appealing to you. Whatever works, go for it.

So that’s it. The Week 5 plan is waiting for you, so we wish you the very best of luck.

We will have three runs each week. Spread them out across the week to allow the body to recover.

Monday or Tuesday
Warmup: Take a five-minute brisk walk
Run/walk session: 30 minutes run on a new route or reverse your normal route
Cooldown and stretch: Five minute walk and three stretches

Wednesday or Thursday
Warmup: A five-minute brisk walk
Run/walk session: 30 minutes fartlek run.
Cooldown and stretch: Five-minute walk and three stretches

Warmup: A five-minute brisk walk
Run/walk session: 50 minutes’ slow run. Track your distance.
Cooldown and stretch: A five-minute walk and three stretches