Aisling on beauty: True friends know a make-up addict needs her fix

FRIENDSHIP WEEK: Sometimes I wonder if my friends only love me for my moisturiser

Sometimes I wonder about my friends’ motives. More specifically, I wonder if they only love me for my moisturiser. Or possibly my hair conditioner. Sometimes I think I should have a sign on my door with the opening hours on it: “The beauty counter is open. Come on in.”

My friends might wonder about my motives, too. Perhaps they think I only love them because I need them to test products.

Maybe we are all in a codependent relationship. If we are, it is a win-win for everyone. I get all the products tested and they get the latest goodies to try out.

The beauty product most in demand among my friends is moisturiser. Many people love Clarins, Lancôme and Clinique moisturisers. I have introduced quite a few people to serum and proper cleansing too; hot-cloth and oil cleansers are pounced on immediately.


My mother is a demon. She stalks me for L’Occitane and Emma Hardie deliveries. Ever since I introduced her to the L’Occitane Divine line and and Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser, she scorns all other brands. My mother-in-law uses lots of tan and body products; her favourites are Sally Hansen and Lancôme. A friend with rosacea tries everything to calm her skin down; she rates Avène and Trilogy. My friend with oily skin tries out all the oil-free products; she likes Dermalogica and Origins.

Facial oils and serums are high on everyone’s shopping list. Ren, Origins, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Kiehl’s, Lancôme and Clarins serums are always popular. I insist that everyone try out one budget product along with a higher-end one, because I know that a lot of the cheaper products are just as good as the pricier ones, and that way I get reports on them too.

Mac, YSL, Nars, Armani, Urban Decay, Lancôme, Benefit and Bobbi Brown make-up ranges are in high demand. But I am a gracious benefactor. I try everything I can, but I can’t possibly get through it all alone.

Sometimes I am not a good friend, however. I never seem to have any Sisley, YSL, Tom Ford, Armani, Kérastase or Darphin. It kills me to give away fancy palettes. I love the things I write about, you see. I’m not hoarding, honest.

An addict needs her fix. My true friends understand that.