Tim Hegarty: Tribute

Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 00:00



Tim Hegarty

Miles High


For those who need their jazz to swing, saxophonist Tim Hegarty’s tribute to his formative influences will be a light in the gathering darkness of contemporary improvised music. An old-school tenor man in the style of Dexter Gordon and George Coleman, Hegarty goes straight to the top drawer to recruit an old-school rhythm section for his thanksgiving project: Rufus Reid, a Gordon alumnus, holds down the bottom end with his joyous bass lines; former Freddie Hubbard drummer Carl Allen swings his hi-hats off; and producer and vibraphonist Mark Sherman adds his weight on several tracks. But it is pianist Kenny Barron, managing to sound both fresh and authentic, who makes this a fitting tribute to the great musicians who created classic American jazz in the first place. mileshigh.com