Maeve Gilchrist: 20 Chandler Street

Fri, Jun 13, 2014, 00:00


20 Chandler Street

Maeve Gilchrist

Adventure Music


Balance and control, set against the backdrop of a clear blue sky: that’s what Scottish harper Maeve Gilchrist conjures on this unstintingly celebratory collection. As Catriona McKay did before her, Gilchrist wrests her harp from the maw of convention, revealing its muscularity, its robust rhythmic possibilities and its innate compatibility with fiddle, tenor guitar and double bass. The latter pairing (with Aidan O’Donnell) is akin to what Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden have done with piano and bass: each revelling in the infinite possibilities of their instruments. Produced by Väsen’s Roger Tallroth, with guest fiddle from Darol Anger, Gilchrist’s raft of original compositions spell collectively, sunshine and optimism, and her spare vocals up the wattage further. If there’s a soundtrack to a fine summer, this is it. If there’s a musician who can bask in tradition yet immerse herself musically in the multicoloured experience of life, it’s Gilchrist.