Joel Sarakula: The Golden Age

Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 00:00


The Golden Age

Joel Sarakula

Art Parade


This London-based Australian has taken his time to settle down into anything approximating a groove, but after three Down Under-only albums (Mystery Morning, Souvenirs, City Heart) Sarakula broadens out his reach with The Golden Age. It’s an appropriate title, as Sarakula’s first inspirations were derived from raiding his parents’ 1960s/ ’70s record collection. Expect, then, harmonies to beat most bands and the kind of pop/rock tunes that knows their “B” influences (from Beach Boys and Beatles to Beck and Brendan Benson). There might not be a huge range of originality on display here, but when the tunes and arrangements are as good as those embedded in I Will Deliver, Old Yellow Photographs and Who’s Gonna Love You Now, there’s enough to forgive.
Download: Bohemian, Old Yellow Photographs, Who’s Gonna Love You Now