Cian Nugent - Night Fiction: stylistic about-turn, triumphant return

Thu, Jan 28, 2016, 14:45


Night Fiction

Cian Nugent



One thing you can say about Cian Nugent: he keeps you guessing. The young Dubliner’s third album is another stylistic about-turn, having kick-started his career with the instrumental finger-picking odyssey on Doubles (2011) and continued with backing band The Cosmos on Born With the Caul (2013).

These seven tracks snake between the ragged, roughshod 1960s melodies and the charmingly imperfect vocals of Lost Your Way, through to authentic, swoonsome Stax-referencing soul on the beautiful Shadows, and Waterboys-style folk-rock of First Run.

The delicate instrumental Lucy fares better than the flat Nightlife. Still, as the 11-minute closer Year of the Snake demonstrates, Nugent is capable of both quiet and loud – often at the same time. A triumph.