Bring Me the Horizon: Sempiternal

Fri, May 3, 2013, 01:00



Bring Me the Horizon



Bring Me the Horizon’s huge fan base and profile inspires love and loathing in equal measure. What they’ve lacked up until now has been a decent suite of songs. Sempiternal , their fourth album, is a valiant attempt to right that musical deficit. Metallers have an abiding suspicion of keyboards/synths, but new member Jordan Fish has added some unmistakable musical hooks to opener Can You Feel My Heart and has taken the edge off their discordant sound. Shadow Moses, Sleepwalker and House of Wolves are well crafted, but stand-out track Anti-Vist is an incendiary rant at the apathy of the iPad generation: “If you really believe in the words that you preach/Get off your screens, and onto the streets/There will be no peaceful revolution!” It beats One Direction at least. BMTH neither deserve the hype (the new Metallica, according to their label) nor the hatred of too many metal fans. Sempiternal shows they’ve finally learned something about songcraft.