Jlin – Black Origami album review: hypnotic hip-hop beats, intoxicating rhythms

Black Origami
    
Artist: Jlin
Genre: Electronic
Label: Planet Mu

The geographical co-ordinates around Indiana producer Jerilynn Patton’s music begin in a corner of Chicago’s south side.

There, ghettohouse ferocity and hip-hop nous produced the jittery, intense footwork scene and Jlin's Dark Energy debut album took that momentum and produced sparks with it.

That set showed that she'd minted a style of her own, something which is again clearly apparent as Black Origami starts to roll and her hypnotic beats, intoxicating wonky rhythms and groundbreaking scores begin to take shape.

There are tracks here which will take your breath away with the scope of the sounds (Never Created, Never Destroyed is an audacious hip-hop call to arms) and the skill which Jlin uses to marshal the percussive power at her disposal.

Full of agile textures, idiosyncratic juxtapositions and game-changing twists, Black Origami is an album of radical sound effects from a producer very much on her own path. planetmu.com