Hanns Eisler: Lieder Vol 1 review - featuring Holger Falk, baritone, and Steffen Schleiermacher on piano

Wed, May 24, 2017, 18:23


Hanns Eisler Lieder Vol 1

Holger Falk; Steffen Schleiermacher; Hanns Eisler


Children's Music

Hanns Eisler chose to live in the German Democratic Republic after the second World War and even wrote that country’s national anthem. In exile in the US in 1947, he was questioned by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

When told he was “the Karl Marx of Communism in the musical field”, he replied: “I would be flattered.” He was a prolific song writer, a favourite collaborator of Bertolt Brecht, and his political ballads and marching songs, dealing with anything from banks to sex workers, are among the best of their kind.

Falk (who sings Eisler at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival in July) and Schleiermacher bring a real heat of the moment spirit to their performances. Sadly, no translations of the sung texts are supplied.