SubizaTrue Panther ****

The best electro-pop outfit you’ll ever come across named after a one-time automobile tycoon. Delorean are the sound of a rave new world that’s been in the works for a long time. Of course, many acts have been drawn to the possibilites inherent in drawing a line between house’s euphoric swoon and indie rock’s more rudimentary set-up. Most attempts to bridge this gap have come up short. Few, for instance, have ever employed the same degree of gusto with which these Basque natives, now living in Barcelona, approach their work. There may be little reinvention of the wheel going on here, but tracks such as Stay Close(a lovely roll-up of shimmering synths and Panda Bear-like vocals) and Simple Graces(all pin-perfect backbeat and rolling piano digs) leave you wanting much more. A splendid soundtrack for a night on the town. See delorean

Download tracks: Stay Close, Simple Graces