Beachwood Sparks


The Tarnished Gold Sub Pop **

First formed in 1997, Beachwood Sparks had minor success over a five-year lifespan with a Sade cover and a healthy line in cosy But it wasn’t until 2008 – when a shift in the musical landscape favoured acoustic and harmony-based bands such as Fleet Foxes – that the Los Angeles band regrouped for a second stab.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with The Tarnished Gold, per se; these are mostly lazy, slow-moving folk numbers, spread with a warm, full-band sound and played as though through a haze of sunshine. But despite the lovely loll of songs such as Talk About Lonesome, and the bracing, Buffalo Springfield heartiness of Sparks Fly Again, the quartet’s repetitive style soon becomes apparent. They’re a fine band, but this album doesn’t do them justice.

Download tracks:Talk About Lonesome, The Orange Grass Special