All We Are: A bracing and abrasive post-punk statement

Thu, Jun 15, 2017, 09:18


Sunny Hills

All We Are

Double Six


If you’re expecting more of the warm, tranquil pop that coloured All We Are’s debut album from 2015, think again. Despite the name, Sunny Hills is a beast of a darker hue, as Richard O’Flynn, Luis Santos, Guro Gikling and producer Kwes go all in on a much different and edgier slate of sounds.

The result is an album of abrasive and tougher textures and hues than was the case with their debut. Tracks such as Burn it all Out and Human displaying much more intensity and muscle. It’s a welcome change with the band embellishing tracks with the kind of thumping post-punk fixtures and fittings that makes the tracks really stand out from the canvas.

Such a bracing state of affairs comes across as a real statement about the current moods of chassis and change.